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How to Send Packages to Jubilee

The Romanian postal system may work a bit differently than the system you may have in your country. Please read the paragraph below before shipping any packages.

When a package arrives for Jubilee from outside of Romania, it must be processed through customs. Only a limited number of postal offices have customs agents available. The most convenient office for Jubilee is in the city of Bucharest. When packages arrive, they are held, but no notice is sent to Jubilee! We need to know ahead of time if a package is being sent. We do not normally drive into Bucharest every day. There is a holding fee for each day the package sits at the post office. Knowing when packages are sent and by what service is very helpful in reducing postal holding fees.

When you pack boxes or envelopes, please include a sheet of paper with your name and address printed clearly.

Please submit >>THIS FORM<< to notify us that a shipment is coming.

We will contact you with appropriate shipping information once we receive your contact form.

Thank you!

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